About Sanderteg

Sanderteg was founded in 1978 as Sandertoys, aiming to make children happy with the best toys we could offer. Gradually technology began to play an ever greater role in the toy industry. As a result, we engaged in the development of all sorts of innovative applications. This converged well with the demand of our customers.

Sanderteg started on a renewed mission in 1991, focusing on our internationally recognized concepts, among them smart surroundings and control. We always are one step ahead of current experiences and move with the market: this is our strength. Of course, the customer is always at the heart of this.

Our core values

Sanderteg represents the core values ​​of renovation, innovation and waywardness. With a diverse and dynamic team, we are happy to help you find the best solutions for your dilemmas and support your implementation processes. We offer the optimal combination of orientation and inspiration.And in doing so we always aim to contribute to a better world with our technology. Want to know more about this? Quickly log in on this website.

Any questions? We are happy to answer them all!

But first: thank you for choosing Sanderteg..

Of course you may still have questions. Sanderteg will help you find your answers. Use the Support button for the Frequently Asked Questions about our products (that saves you a search), our manuals and of course all free updates.