To bring our mission about day by day we employ people who strengthen our team and help us innovate our products to realise this future. Just like you we value to contribute in a fundamental way to society more than to make simply economic progress in the market. To further our aims we gladly appeal to your creativity, involvement an personal responsibility, in whatever position in the company.

At Sanderteg we mainly contribute to the development of solutions that cause paradigm shifts in complete business sectors. We work in small teams, that operate flexible and efficiently and aim at bringing out the best in the team members in order to reach superior solutions. Sanderteg is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and has subsidiaries in the San Francisco Bay-area, Buenos Aires, Argentine and Hong Kong.

Momentarily we do not have any vacancies. We invest a lot of our time in a personal search for talent that we wish to attract. Experience shows that open job applications have a low return. If at any time you are our perfect candidate we will find and contact you.