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We respect the privacy of those visiting our website. We take care of your personal information with utmost confidentiality. It goes without saying that we process personal data in correspondence with all applicable local laws and regulations. More detailed conditions can be found in our support centre.


Sanderteg has and maintains a patent portfolio. However, we also strongly believe in sharing of knowledge. From 2012 onwards we develop many of our solutions by way of open innovation. That not only means that we collaborate with others in our research projects, but also that we make the outcome freely available for others to use or develop further. Software that is thus developed is made available under an open source license. Applied for and granted patents are open to any use in good faith. More information on the use of our patents is available in our support centre.

Other intellectual property

Sanderteg has copyright on all material on this website. This applies to texts, pictures, graphics, audio-fragments, video-files and the presentation thereof. These objects may not be copied and/or used for commercial purposes and they may not be used, re-used or adapted in whatever form and way. Unless otherwise indicated all trademarks and designs on this and on all other websites of Sanderteg are subject of a corresponding trademark or design right of Sanderteg.

Sanderteg opts for an innovative and informative website. We trust you will be as enthusiastic about it as we are. Nevertheless Sanderteg has to protect its intellectual property, a.o. its patents, copyrights, trademarks and designs. Please note that Sanderteg does not give anyone permission or a license on any Sanderteg IP, neither explicitly nor implicitly. If you wish to use any of our materials please contact us through our support centre.


Our general purchase and sales conditions, together with an elaborate explanation, can be found in our support centre. Non-binding information – no warranties All information on this website is non-binding on Sanderteg. The information is no part of our general conditions or any other legal document. The information presented does not constitute any legal obligation in whatever form, such as a right that the inormatuion is correct, a right of conformity or any lack of an intellectual property right. Although in our view all information we present is correct and true there is always the possibility of incompleteness and/or incorrectness. Where ever this websites has links to other websites these are inserted for your information and convenience and to the best of our knowledge. We have no control over such linked websites and are in no way responsible for their content. Inserting a link does not mean in any way that we feel any affinity with the content and/or presented information on those linked websites.

Compliance, human rights and the handling of raw materials

Sanderteg expects from its suppliers and its partners a global responsibility with our compliance rules and their elaboration. Extensive information together with model-agreements and international legal source-documents can be found in our support centre. Suppliers and other partners of Sanderteg will make certain that they act in accordance with all national and otherwise applicable laws and regulations. Sanderteg committed itself voluntarily to the Dutch Corporate Governance Code.

Sanderteg insists that her suppliers and other partners are not involved in any way with slave labour or trafficking. Sanderteg will not accept in any way that slave labour is used in relation to its products anywhere in the world. Also we will not use products or services of suppliers or other partners that are involved in trafficking in any way. Slave labour and trafficking are criminal offences in Dutch, European and international law. These crimes exist in many countries worldwide. Furthermore Sanderteg requires its suppliers and other partners to have and comply with internal policy-rules, due diligence and management systems in accordance with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas, that were drafted for this purpose. More information on our attitudes towards suppliers, human rights and raw materials can be found in our support centre.


Safety of its products is paramount for Sanderteg. All our products comply with all national, European and international safety requirements. Both in-house as well as externally experts constantly look for weaknesses in our products and our services. We continually evaluate and reconstruct their reports in order to find suitable answers an solutions. We strongly encourage external experts to critically follow our products and services and to inform us of their findings. More information on our safety policies can be found in our support centre.